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IntegrityChecker java (icj): 'status' command

The status command necessarily does not perform hashing. It uses existing information to summarize the state of files and folders, including:

Any number and combination of volumes or folders can be specified in a single invocation.

TIP: insight into missing files vs moved or renamed files

Please see the tip for the update command, which performs deeper analysis of files that have been moved or renamed.

Command line usage

icj status [<path>]*

--show=TBD [option name changes to "kind" in version 3.0, not yet implemented]

The --show option selects what is to be shown.

Items may be combined in a comma-separated list eg:

-icj status --show=TBD


Lines starting with "#" are comments.

# Status for current directory
icj status

# Status for three named folders
icj status Folder1 Folder2 Folder3


# Status for volume or folder Photos in current directory
icj status Photos


# Get status for all files in Documents folder of user home directory:
icj status ~/Documents

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