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This command is in beta form. Available in command line form only (no GUI).

The wipe command wipes any mix of files and folders. There are two ways to invoke it:

The items to wipe are displayed, and as a precaution, a double affirmative confirmation is required before wiping (the user must type “yes” twice in order to proceed).

It is possible to defeat the warning/confirmation behvavior using the --nowarn and/or --volume options. These are not recommended for most users.

What happens

The wiping process is designed to obliterate as much as possible of the file and folders:

When wiping is done, the files and folders will be gone.


The over-writing of file contents is subject to the following limitations:

Command line usage

Lines that start with '#' are comments.

# search all local volumes for files and folders to wipe (ending in “-wipeMe”)
dgl wipe

# wipe (destroy) recursively all items in folder /Volumes/Master/Financials
dgl wipe /Volumes/Master/Financials

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