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IntegrityChecker java (icj): 'clean' command

The clean command removes all validation info (“.icj” files) and optionally removes legacy “.ic” files.

Command line usage

icj clean [<path>]*

Like all commands, this one is recursive, cleaning the entire folder hierarchy. If no path is specified, the current working directory is cleaned.

If the --kind option is not specified, only ".ic" and ".icj" files are cleaned, with ".icjh" files left untouched.

--kind option

The --kind option specifies which type of hash files to remove. Omit the leading "." eg use "icj" not ".icjh". Temporary files (.icj_temp) are always cleaned.


Lines starting with "#" are comments.

# Clean current folder
icj clean

# Clean volume Master
# (or folder Master within current directory)
icj clean Master

# Clean all mounted volumes (macOS path)
icj clean /Volumes/*

# Clean the Library folder in logged-in user home directory
icj clean ~/Library

# Remove all IntegrityChecker (native version) and IntegrityChecker Java files
icj clean --kind all Master

# Remove per-folder “.icj” validation files
icj clean --kind icj Master

# Remove per-folder “.icjh” validation hierarchy files
icj clean --kind icjh Master

# Remove legacy “.ic” validation files
icj clean --kind ic Master

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