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Excluding/ignoring folders and files (auto-globbing) reference

IntegrityChecker Java (icj) offers a file globbing mechanism for excluding folders and files from its operations. For an introduction to file globbing, see the following, but note that icj incorporates a user-friendly feature called auto-globbing, described below.

TIP: after adding or changing file globbing patterns, verify which folders and files are being ignored on all folders/volumes, lest too liberal a pattern match items not intended for exclusion. For example:

# display status for current directory, version 2.0
icj status --matches=all

# display status on folder or volume Photos, version 2.0
icj status --matches=all Photos

# display globbing matches for current directory, version 3.0
icj matches

# display globbing matches on folders for volume Photos, version 3.0
icj matches --kind=folders Photos

Auto globbing

Auto-globbing is a user-friendly feature that makes it possible to configure a folder or partial path match without having to understand globbing syntax.

Auto-globbing applies only to folders, not to file names or file paths. See each preference section for whether auto-globbing is supported.

Atuo-globbing works by inserting an appropriate pattern as a prefix and/or suffix to the expression, as well as generating the required two expressions needed to exclude a folder and all its subfolders.

See the auto-globbing examples page for examples.

Auto-globbing rules:

Additional notes

These rules apply to filenames.ignore as well.