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IntegrityChecker java (icj): 'info' command [version 3.0]

The info command shows various types of information about files. See also the status command.

Command line usage

icj info [<path>]*


If no path is specified, the current working directory is used.

If --kind option is not specified, displays the desired information. Kinds may be separated by commas eg "--kind=empty,nowrite,dist".

all      all information
empty    empty files
nowrite  read-only or locked files
dist     file size distribution
hard     files that are unix hard links (duplicates)
dates    files with invalid file dates


Lines starting with "#" are comments.

# Show all information starting in current working directory
icj info

# Show information for volume/folder Master
icj info Master

# Show empty files for volume/folder Master
icj info --kind=empty

# Show empty files and read-only files for volume/folder Master
icj info --kind=empty,nowrite

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