There are no confirmed bugs in operating the software. All issues to date involve access permissions outside the control of diglloydTools and/or corrupt system issues.

BEFORE contacting support, please scan the Troubleshooting pages.

If you have questions about interpreting performance results, that is a consulting job at additional cost.

Your purchase does not entitle you to support (see item 5 of the license), but we nonetheless are willing to help in most cases, provided that a thoughtful request is made.

Support requests sometimes arrive that state only “your software doesn’t work” Support requests that make such claims are self-defeating and useless from a diagnosis standpoint. We cannot respond to them. Be precise about what you think is not working.

When contacting support, please include the following information (paste into email, fill in details):

Summary of issue:

        Command line tools or GUI:
        Which program:
        Version of Mac OS X:

        STEP BY STEP of I’m doing (BE PRECISE):
        1.   .....

Please take the time to clarify the above 4 points, and then help becomes possible. Contact support.