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The alloc command allocates the specified amount of memory, and keeps it paged-in by slowly accessing it. The alloc command is available only in the command line tool.

Command line usage

There are no options, only one argument, the amount of memory to allocate.

Allocate 4GB memory:

mt alloc 4G

llcMP:release lloyd$ ./mt alloc 4G

MemoryTester 1.4.0 64-bit, diglloydTools 2.0.0, 2010-04-12
Copyright 2006-2010 diglloyd, Inc. All Rights Reserved
Use of this software requires a license. See

Mac OS X 10.6.3, 16 CPU cores, 24576MB memory
Sunday, April 11, 2010 9:23:55 AM PT

./mt alloc 4G

Bus clock: 1073 MHz
Processor clock: 2925 MHz

Allocating memory: 4GB...
Running forever, clearing memory slowly and continually to keep paged-in.

=====> Use ctrl-C to stop <=====
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