The run-streams command runs simultaneous write and read streams to test out sustained throughput under severe load. This is particularly useful for HD video users, especially 1080p video. It can also be relevant for extreme server loads.

Before testing:

Running DiskTester run-streams

Using, choose Run Streams. Suitable defaults are chosen. You can exercise more control using the command line, which is probably what you’ll want for this type of demanding test because needs can be very specific for video.

DiskTester run-streams

Command line usage

The command line allows greater control. Please use disktester help fill-volume for details on the available options. In general, there is little reason to use the command line.

    [--xfer|-x <size[K|M|G|T]>]                             "512K"
    [--test-size|-t <size[K|M|G|T]|max>]                    "2G"
    [--max-requests|-m <count>]                             "6"
    [--gap|-g <size[K|M|G|T]>]                              "0"


Various command line possibilities.

disktester run-streams Scratch
disktester run-streams --xfer 1M --max-requests 4 Scratch
disktester fill-volume --xfer 512K --test-size 1G --max-requests 8 --gap 4G Scratch

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