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diglloydTools (classic) works with OS X Lion through macOS Ventura .

IntegrityChecker Java and other Java-based tools run on virtually any OS that supports Java—macOS, Windows, Linux/*nix.

The diglloydTools™ suite is available as a single-user license.  Use is subject to the License Agreement. The license is for use by a single person on up to two (2) computers. Commercial and/or lab use requires one licensed copy per machine.

Support: see the user manual. Concise email usage questions are answered, but purchase of diglloydTools does not entitle you to advice on choices or workflow or similar. Questions like "what drive or SSD should I buy?", or "how to set up RAID?" is available on a consulting basis.

A PayPal account is not required for purchase, a credit card can be used. Contact us for alternate payment arrangements.

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There is no “time out” bomb in diglloydTools; once installed it will work with in perpetuity no restrictions. Does not “phone home”, does not use the internet.

Download privileges include login access to download the current version during the purchased term. Any version downloaded works forever as per previous paragraph with no further fees.

New customers:

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Refund policy: no refunds once downloaded under any conditions. Refund requests must be made within 3 calendar days.

Upgrades, existing customers

Eligibility: any prior version of diglloydTools.

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Three programs, graphs and more

You will receive a username and password via email after purchase. Please keep in mind the following:

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The user manual for diglloydTools can be found here.

Troubleshooting & Support

Click here for answers to common questions and information about support.


Drag the diglloydTools folder anywhere you like. The Applications folder is suggested.

install diglloydTools

If you'd like to use the command line tools also, then run Install-cmd-line-tools from the installed folder (NOT the folder on the install disk):

install diglloydTools
Installing the command line tools